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The American Civil War delayed further immigration until the s. The development and spread of global capitalism led to a variety of responses. In the old days all those factions were in the Democratic party except the old Progressives of Republican party who would have marched with MLK, voted for Teddy, or stood with Hamilton or Lincoln, and the Know-Nothings who have always been Republican, Whig, Federalist, or Third Party.

The commissioner had a financial incentive to believe the slaveholder because commissioners received ten dollars for every black returned to slavery but only five dollars for those who were set free.

How the Parties Changed, General U. The most important was geography; the South was fighting a defensive war on its own territory. Remember that in the previous unit the Qing Dynasty had closed its doors to foreign imports, and would only take payment in silver and gold for their own exports.

Marx first wrote about his interpretation of history and vision for the future in The Communist Manifesto in Antislavery elements from both parties rebelled, however, and in the summer ofthe two groups joined together in the Free-Soil Party, which nominated dissident Democrat Martin Van Buren for president and antislavery Whig Charles Francis Adams as his running mate.

Write the first paragraph before you have a clear idea of what your thesis will be. It created for the first time a class of the super-rich "captains of industry", the " robber barons " whose network of business, social and family connections ruled a largely White Anglo-Saxon Protestant social world that possessed clearly defined boundaries.

The British began to smuggle it into China to create a market for goods that they could supply from their colony in India. His objectives were "pure and simple": Only time will tell. Many decided to flee for the Midwest as early asan exile which was intensified during the Great Migration that began before World War I.

While the Whig Party collapsed because it could not find a way to hold its southern and northern wings together, the Democrats were able to use popular sovereignty--the idea that settlers in a territory should decide on the issue of slavery--to maintain their status as a national party.

It is important to understand that bourbon liberals pro-business factions who came to the South after the Civil War to become Democratsneoliberals, neocons, progressives, conservative pro-business Republicans, liberal Democrats like Kennedyclassical liberals like the Free-Soilers or Jeffersonianssocial conservative Know-Nothings, social conservative southerners like the old Confederatesetc are all different ideological factions that have existed in history and have been in one of the two major parties or a third party at different times.

To gain southern support, Douglas agreed to repeal the Missouri Compromise and organize the Nebraska Territory according to the doctrine of popular sovereignty.

If people are allowed to keep the wealth they create, and pursue their selfish goals, they will produce more, and this will in turn benefit the most people in a society. This attitude generally extended not to just the urban poor, but to people who still farmed in rural areas.

B - Ohio; 7.

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Moreover, they nominated explorer John C. The parties changed over time as platform planks, party leaders, factions, and voter bases essentially switched between parties.

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Labor no longer revolved around the rising and setting of the sun or seasons, but was ordered by the clock. Men's wages supported the families, since they usually were the ones who made their comfortable life styles possible. The first factories emerged near rivers and streams for water power, but with the discovery of the energy stored in fossil fuels such as coal and oil, location on rivers was not as important.

D - Fort Sumter; 5. Yesterday, it was a Southern Democrat. In the Congo in central Africa, rubber was the most important export. Lincoln attempted to force Douglas to admit that the Dred Scott decision had made his solution to slavery in the territories--popular sovereignty--untenable.

If everyone could agree on what the constitution implied, then there probably would not have been a civil war. In the Islamic world, the states controlled by caliphs, or successors of Muhammad. On the other side Jackson, Van Buren, Jefferson, and Calhoun are good Democrats to look at for similar reasons each representing a different type of Democrat.

We think it is so good that it demands to be as accessible as possible. Industrialization fundamentally changed how goods were produced. In other words, as the Democratic Party became more progressive in the progressive era, it attracted progressives from the Republican party and alienated the small government socially conservative south.

The ideological basis of industrial capitalism The most important idea behind industrialization is capitalism, the belief that capital wealth and the means of production the tools that increase the value of raw materials should be owned privately.

With the advent of industrialization, wealth was increasingly based on money and success in business enterprises, although the status of inherited titles of nobility based on land ownership remained in place. As simple as this sounds, however, it brought about such sweeping changes that it virtually transformed the world, even areas in which industrialization did not occur.

Today it is a Southern Republican who flies to Confederate flag, today it is a Republican who champions small government in America. In addition, Southern soldiers, fighting on their home territory, also had an intense desire to fight to protect their homes and families.

After the Civil War, the United States emerged as the world's foremost industrial power. With that came great wealth and great poverty. AP World History Course and Exam Description Short-Answer Questions Part B: Short-Answer Questions There are four short-answer questions on the exam.

The following questions are meant to illustrate the various types of these questions. Note that the short-answer. AP Exam 1. The "Three-Fifths Compromise" originally contained in the Constitution referred to the (A) proportion of states permitted to practice slavery (B) rate at which one slave counted toward congressional representation (C) number of African Americans who could vote (D) number of adult women who could vote (E) number of American Indians allowed citizenship 2.

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You will receive incredibly detailed scoring results at the end of your AP US History practice test to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. apush review sesh units + Report. – – – – • • Agriculture Labor Industrialization Transportation The South The North The West Focus your answer on the time period between Explain why and how the role of the federal government changed as a result of the Civil War with respect to TWO of the following during the.

Apush 1861 1900 short answer
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