Wpd riio ed1 business plan

The completed provisional amounts related to the tax rate reduction had an insignificant impact on the net regulatory liabilities of PPL's U. Outputs from the model are counts of assets that are loaded beyond their thermal rating.

Additionally, Ofgem would be able to use any such lower revealed costs when setting allowances for the next price controls. Ofgem would need to address these issues in future price controls to provide customers with confidence that the charges they pay for network services reflects efficient costs.

Ofgem is developing its approach amid lessons from RIIO-1, including suggestions that network companies have been earning unjustified high returns, as well as broader changes to the energy sector that are challenging previous regulatory axioms.

As such, we see them as a useful intervention strategy.

Western Power Distribution's Annual Stakeholder Workshop (SEVERAL DATES & LOCATIONS)

Application of the principles and objectives of the RIIO framework: Jonathan Brearley, Ofgem's executive director for systems and networks, said: It has enabled earlier and faster development of new techniques and technology than would have been the case without the stimulus and given the platform to encourage deployment of these within companies.

This programme has been very successful and continues to deliver tangible improvements in visual amenity. Company Overview 2 9 We have used the Ofgem Outputs framework to enable the discussion on our priorities with stakeholders and to articulate our proposals and ideas for the future.

Business Plan outcome Stage 5: To the extent that network companies have been able to achieve greater efficiencies as a result of the move to longer price control periods, customers would benefit from higher reductions in network costs through the totex incentive rate. In order to establish the Load Index for all parts of the network, our network is sub-divided into groups.

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Under the RIIO settlement process, business plans undergo an initial assessment by Ofgem and those which pass muster are fast-tracked. Headquartered in Allentown, Pa.

In Pennsylvaniathe FERC transmission formula rate, DSIC mechanism, Smart Meter Rider and other recovery mechanisms are in place to reduce regulatory lag and provide for timely recovery of and a return on, as appropriate, prudently incurred costs.

Should the price controls be aligned. We have designed our Electricity North West Limited 7 1 July network to limit the fault energy to be as low as possible at this equipment in order to maintain safety, but this does constrain our ability to connect new sources of electrical energy like distributed generation, as well as the widespread adoption of LCTs, in a particular area.

Workforce reduction and other restructuring effects. Should the price control period stay at eight years. While C2C frees up capacity by reconfiguring the network and using our reserved emergency capacity, the CLASS trial will reduce demand by reducing voltage. These underspends do not appear to have come at the expense of delivering the required outputs, as network companies have generally improved their performance against output targets.

This means that the electrical demand of a number of properties is supplied from service rather than mains cable. The consultation closed on September 4 — here, Utility Week rounds up responses on seven of the biggest areas of debate: Electricity distributors have five more years of the current price controls, meaning five more years of excessive profits.

Another way of addressing cost uncertainty is through more competition for the market e. To manage these risks, PPL generally uses contracts such as forwards, options and swaps.

So we framed our recommendations in terms of: We will need to increase the capacity of our network to cope with the added demand from electric vehicles, whilst ensuring that the management of the refuelling electrical load is undertaken in a smart manner.

• Transitioned to RIIO-ED1, April 1, • WPD is on-track to outperform its Ofgem targets in the / • Low risk business plan • Confident in our ability to deliver on commitments to shareowners and customers • Strong track record of exceeding earnings targets.

run their business. These are set periodically through a price control RIIO-ED1 will run from April March 3 Connecting to the network • Network operators have a duty to connect any customer seeking a - develop a forward-looking work plan of actions to improve performance (with associated delivery dates).

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Extensive experience within multiple work streams in Ofgem, most recently involved in assessment of the RIIO-ED1 business plan, leading a team of 9 senior consultants.

In addition he was also involved in the review of the needs case submission under Ofgem SWW arrangements, tender evaluation and ex-post assessments for various OFTO’s Title: Senior Director at FTI Consulting. Given this we have included a relatively modest plan in addressing low carbon-driven reinforcement during RIIO-ED1, but one that can ramp-up quickly when required in RIIO.

WPD’s Business Plan will deliver 75 outputs in the six RIIO-ED1 categories If large volumes of Low Carbon Technologies (LCT) connect to the network - it will increase electricity demand and change the way networks are operated.

Edited Transcript of PPL earnings conference call or presentation 7-Aug-18 2:00pm GMT

Represents Regulatory Asset Value (RAV) for WPD. (2) Figures based on assumed exchange rate of $ / £ and the RIIO-ED1 business plan as filed on July 1, (2).

Wpd riio ed1 business plan
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