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Responses to applications that are successful include the number s that have been allocated, reference number and terms and conditions of the allocations. The abridged version shall contain blank pages indicating that purported confidential information is contained on those pages and these blank pages shall be inserted into each filing in place of the pages containing the said information.

What happens if I make a call outside the free calling window and I have no on-net, off-net or international minutes.

Subject to the provisions of the Act the Authority may also publish the decision, having regard to business confidentiality. Matters outside those raised in the request for clarification shall not be considered by the Authority. Free weekend calling is only for Zamtel to Zamtel Calls.

Unless otherwise provided by law or these Rules, Pleadings, papers and other documents are considered to be filed with the Authority upon their receipt and date stamping at the location designated for filing by the Authority. Where it is asserted that specific and direct harm would accrue to the party claiming confidentiality, sufficient facts and details shall be provided as to the nature and extent of such harm.

Procedures to be followed by the Authority shall, unless specifically prescribed in these Rules, be such as in the opinion of the Authority will best serve the purposes of the proceedings. Applicant indicates the type of service for which the short code will be used. Under this Act, ZICTA is given mandate to publish an Annual Numbering Report containing information relating to the number resources allocated by the Authority, the recipients of the number resources.

Pre-Hearing Conference Prior to a hearing, the Authority may, in its discretion, require the parties to participate in a pre-hearing conference. Where necessary the form can be emailed to applicants who so requests. And because of that, we have started a number of initiatives, which are aimed at repositioning the postal sector in Zambia to a level where it can compete shoulder-to-shoulder with other national postal offices in the region and also at international level.

The petitioner may file a reply to any oppositions within 7 days after the oppositions are filed, and such replies shall be strictly limited to matters raised in the opposition, and must be served on all parties to the proceeding.

The Authority shall have the discretion to entertain requests for expedited treatment of any Request For Declaratory Ruling. Application Documents - The completed application form is submitted to the Authority together with the following: Where any decision rests on official notice of a material fact not appearing in the record, any party shall on timely request be afforded an opportunity to show the contrary.

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We are supposed to refer you to the Ministry [of communications], but let me say this to you because I know; I have been a reporter and I know you will need to have this.

International minutes are defined as minutes that can be used to call destinations outside Zambia as pre-defined in the offer. Such request must be filed within 7 days of the regulatory decision and must be served on all parties to the proceeding. All matters concerning a claim, defence or requested remedy, including damages, should be pleaded fully and with specificity.

The implementation of the Numbering Plan and the procedures of assignment of numbers to resource users and end users shall are governed by the National Numbering Plan Regulations. Any person desiring public disclosure of information in respect of which there has been a proper claim of confidentiality may file with the Authority: Free Night calling is effective from Yes No2 1 Project Online is not included, but can be purchased as a separate add-on service or added for free to the Office Education plan.

You can switch from your current Office subscription to another Office subscription: Application type M Applicants should indicate if they are applying for allocation, De-allocation if allocated number resources are being surrendered or Reservation. The person who filed the request for stay or other temporary relief shall file any reply to the opposition within 5 days after the time for filing oppositions has expired.

ZICTA Adds 4TH Mobile Company In Market

The material contained in this document does not constitute legal, commercial or technical advice. What are On-net minutes. A claim of confidentiality shall be made only by the party to whom the confidential information belongs. Accuracy and Completeness of Representations made to the Authority Every person making any representation orally or in writing to the Authority is responsible for the continuing truth, accuracy and completeness of information furnished in a pending proceeding, whether for license, approval, certification or registration.

Off-net minutes are defined as minutes to be used to call other networks within Zambia Airtel or MTN.

ZICTA rolls out address, postal code project

The said complaint shall be filed within 7 seven days from the date when the complainant first knew or should have known of the alleged violation.

From a standalone plan: An application or complaint under this Part may be made by mailing or delivering by hand a letter to the Authority setting out the facts and requesting relief. Address of Parties Each party shall furnish the Authority with an address to be used by the Authority in serving documents or directing correspondence to that party.

Non-Consumer, Complaints Any person or entity that is not a consumer within the meaning of the Act may file a complaint with the Authority alleging violation of the Act, these Rules, a licence issued by the Authority or a tariff filed with the Authority. Oppositions to any motion, petition or request may be filed within 10 days after the original pleading is filed.

Period Within Which Decision to be Made The Authority shall make a decision on a dispute within a reasonable time of its filling. Confidential treatment may be requested for any information relating to the financial capacity or business plan of any person or to any other matter reasonably justifying confidentiality, as.

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ZICTA, you have authority to make Zambians be exploited or redeemed. The move will make mobile phoning cheaper and accessible to many Zambians. I salute you. The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) is established in terms of section 4 of the Information and Communication (15) An applicant for a Service Licence shall submit a comprehensive Business Plan with the following minimum Requirements: (a) Company information on shareholders, relevant company registration.

This included being involved in the day to day operations of each department, as well as creating a business improvement plan at the end of training. Intern Standards Engineer at ZICTA.

Lucas Hara. Finance Executive. Hazel Makala. Trade-SDC at ZAMTEL LTD. Davies Kabwe. Retail Team Leader at ZAMBIA Title: Marketing, Projects and M&E.

Combating Cyber Crime Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before. Yet, for all its advantages, increased connectivity brings increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse.

Zicta business plan
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We don’t know who will pay the 30 ngwee yet – ZICTA